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Our Prices

SluggersOC offers hitting, pitching, catching and fielding lessons. 


Single 30 Minute Lesson $45.00

Single 60 Minute Lesson $80.00

10 lessons of 30 minute lessons $400.00

Private & Team Lessons

Our private instructions are designed to specifically address various flaws and weaknesses in your pitching or hitting skills to help take your game to the next level! We will help you master your strengths and improve on your weaknesses!

Let us work with your team to help them understand the importance of proper hitting appraoch or pitching skills such as pick-offs and bunt-defense! Working as a team is just as important and individual performance!


Our camps have been a proven successful product for over 15 years! Kids learn new aspects of the game, make new friends, enjoy a fun environment, and learn healthy competitive skills that will improve their game, all while learning how to communicate and work together! 

Indoor Skill Clinics

Skills clinics take place in a fast-paced environment designed to maximize instruction in only an hour's time! Clinics will take place on a specified day for 4 to 8 weeks and will be designed around a certain skill of the game  that will help improve an area of weakness while also learning the process that is needed to get you there!

Velocity Training

FASTBALL! FASTBALL! FASTBALL! It's all about the fastball! Every pitcher wants to throw harder! While our private instruction focuses on mechanics, our velocity training program is a highly intensive arm strengthening program that is strictly designed around velocity and throwing harder! Any player at any position can use this program that is guarenteed to help strengthen your arm in a safe manner! But sorry guys....this is only for the big boys. Ages 13 and up!

Coaches Clinics

Are you a parent or a new coach that is looking to enhance your knowledge or organiational baseball skills? Need help runing smoother practices or game management? Coaches clinics are here to guide you! Our coaches clinics are for any coach at any level who may be looking for information on how to run a fun and effective practice, organizing team meetings, reaching team goals, and helping develope young athletes in a positive environment, to leave a positive impact!

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