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As you know, we are very grateful for all of the knowledge and skills you have been passing on to both Brian and Eric.  We have seen tremendous improvement in their abilities to swing their bats and also the knowledge they have gotten from you….both baseball and life lessons.  The boys have both been able to really connect with you.  We look forward to many more sessions to come.


We would also like to thank you for bringing Justin into the “Sluggers family”.  In only two sessions, Eric has taken to Justin and really enjoys working with him.  He feels that Justin is just what he needs to be able to move to the next level in his abilities to pitch.  I have always said that not all coaches, not matter what their background, will be able to connect with every player and help them.  Eric has told me that he likes Justin very much and can see learning a lot from him.  It looks like another great connection has been made there as well.


Again, thanks for all that you do and have done,


Ken and the boys….

I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know what a great job you did at your camps  this summer. My 9 year old has been to other local camps in the past, and felt like he was at daycare.  He told me you get a three thumbs up and said he had fun too!  He said he would choose your camp any day; and he did!  We ended up doing both camps with you because he enjoyed the first one so much he wanted to do the second camp also!

I watched a few hours of camp and I was impressed with the amount of work each boy got and the fact there was individual instruction, not generic. The ratio was excellent between the instructors and students and the scrimmage was fun and competitive as you pitched to the level of each player. I also was pleased to see so many aspects of the game covered at the rotating stations. 

The instructors and yourself related very well to the boys and you integrated the various age campers exceptionally well. Well done and we will be back next year you can count on it.
Thanks again,
Mike and Andy

My family and I have been associated with Sluggers for 10 years; it has been an excellent association on many levels. My son’s hitting skills have improved with the help of Darren, and he has been in the top 2 or 3 in batting average on his high school team since entering high school. He has also led his high school team in home runs each year as well. Darren turned him from a slap hitting lefty into a more constant hitter with power. My daughter has also been a student of Darren’s and played Little League until she was 12. Her batting average and on base average from 9 years old on was always in the top 3, if not the best on a very competitive team. When she moved to softball, Darren moved right with her, throwing underhand fast-pitch to her. Darren takes personnel interest in the kids, not just mine but all of them. Follows their progress and attends some of their games, so it’s not just a business to him. The largest benefit has been the great role model he has been. As my kids moved into their teen years, it is important to have good role models, and Darren has definitely fit that role.

My son has been taking hitting lessons from Sluggers since 1999. Darren Nelson’s training approach has not only given my son a fundamentally sound swing, it has given him vast knowledge of the game and increased friendship that Darren provides helped my son obtain the confidence and self discipline to perform well on the baseball field and. more importantly, in the classroom. Over the years I have observed Darren working with hundreds of players. He has a special gift of coaching and relating to youth players of all ages.

-Bill Johns, November 2007

Darren won the triple crown for me when he was a player in college. If you have an idea what that means you know it takes incredible work ethic and commitment. I have known Darren for over 20 years and believe in him. I would think he runs his business the same way. Always wanting to help other and make them better as player and now as a coach and instructor of you people. He will give you his best effort if you give him the chance.

-Mike Weathers, Head Baseball Coach at Long Beach State

My son, MJ Forsberg was Darren’s (and Slugger’s) first lesson in 1997 and has never turned back! Darren has been instrumental in working with MJ on and off the field and is a great friend of his and our family. His support for MJ, and for our travel team – Mizuno Sluggers (2000-2005) has made a positive influence in many people’s lives. Now, as MJ heads off to play college baseball at Cypress JC, it was the hours that Darren put into his career that has allowed him to keep playing at a high level. The passion to teach the game is something that you cannot get anywhere else.

- Jeff Forsberg, Huntington Beach HS Varsity Softball

You're the the best buddy. Alyssa is the happiest softball player in the world. She thinks you are gods gift to hitting. She hit a fast ball, low and outside from a very good pitcher over the right fielders head all the way to the fence at E1 Edison Field for a home run. Next up to bat the center fielder shoe strings a ball to right center and prevents another home run. Next at back she hits a double to right center. Last at bat she hit a shot up the middle and scores two more runs. Easily the best day she has ever had in Softball. 

Alyssa says Thank You! - Cary

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