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Our new online appointment software, Mind body

Dear Sluggers,

Thank you so much for being so cool and embracing our new online appointment software. Mindbody is an amazing software, very easy to use.

Here are a few benefits to making an appointment through Mindbody

-Book/cancel/change appointments easy and fast, through the APP

-Keep track of your lessons

-Add appointments to your calendar / easy reminder for all the busy people out there

-Receive appointment confirmation email.

If you are a new user at Mindbody, please follow the below directions.

Got to

Click on the "click here to book a lesson" button

Type your email and password.

Follow the directions as instructed.

Please type childs first and last name under "clients info", If you have 2 or more children that practice at SluggersOC keep the account under just one name, you pick:)

You don't have to pay online for your lessons, our software is strickly to make appointment,

A friendly reminder to please respect our 12 hour cancellation policy, prior the lesson.

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